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SISAL FIBER GRADE UG From Kenya Ready For Export


Grade: Grade A
Fiber Length: 110-130CM
Length: 110cm-130cm
Moisture: 10%-13%
Impurity: 0-2% max
Color: natural white, Brown and between white and brown.
Packaging: 250kg






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SISAL FIBER GRADE UG From Kenya Ready For Export

We are suppliers of sisal fiber from Kenya. Our sisal fiber is tough and wearable, bright and fine colors, little moisture, and high degree of purity. Suitable for making kinds of sisal rugs,sisal cloth,sisal buff, sisal paper wall, sisal sun-cap, sisal handicrafts, sisal laundry

SISAL UNDERGOING PROCESSES FOR READY SALE, we provide the right wholesale suppliers, exporter and manufacturers of sisal fiber. We guarantee safety,reliability , efficiency and customers satisfaction.  We are Supplier/Manufacturers and Exporter of of top quality UG, Shipping Available Worldwide.  Natural Sisal Fiber for sale in Kenya.

UG GRADE ASisal Fibre

Color: Natural white, cream and between white and cream.
length: 90-110 cm
Purity: 98-99.5 % min
Foreign matter: 0.5%
Humidity: 10 -13%+
Grade A: (UG)

SSUG GRADE Sisal Fibre

Fibre Type: Greige / Dyed
Length from 60 cm (2 feet) upwards..
Fibre Size: Diameter: 0.35 mm
Color: Cream White / Natural
Grades: UG GRADE 1
Fiber Strength: ≥ 880 N
Trash Content: About 2%
Moisture Regain: 9%

GRADE 3L Sisal Fibre

Sisal Fibre Grade 3L
Length from 90cm (3 feet) upwards,
Colour of fibre: mixture of whitish and yellowish free of defective decortications,
free of tows and properly brushed.

TOW 1 GRADE Sisal Fibre

Colour of fibre is creamy
white to cream.
The fibre is free of undecorticated barks, knots, dusts,
and sweepings and does not contain fibre of other mentioned grades.


Flax Fibers and Pulp Materials for a Sustainable Future

  • Eco-Friendly Products: Our fiber is mechanically processed from unused straw and, as such, is almost carbon neutral.
  • Quality: Drawing on a network of over 600 farmers, we monitor crops throughout growing season and select only the crops that provide the best quality straw.


Our Fiber Products

Our line of natural fiber products is processed from unused straw and is a blend of oilseed flax fiber and flax shive. We also source and process hemp straw.

Packaging: Bales of 100kg / 250kg
28mt/ 14mt: 40ft container and 20ft Container
Product Capacity:500MT/Month
Delivery Time: 15-21 Days after confirmation of deposit payment

  SISAL FIBER GRADE UG From Kenya Ready For Export

End use/Application : For gypsum, decoration, ceiline, construction, carpets, finishing

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